Granting institution:

          MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences)

Title of the proposal:

          Complex chemical systems


          Five years (2013–2018)

Project leader:

          Attila G. Császár


Project description:

The goal of the project is to establish the MTA-ELTE Research Group on Complex Chemical Systems (MTA-ELTE KKRK is the abbreviation in Hungarian). The group KKRK plans to study several complex systems occurring in chemistry via help offered by network (graph) theory. The areas of research include high-resolution spectroscopy of small molecules (based on the concept of spectroscopic networks), kinetics and dynamics of chemical systems in the gas phase (kinetic networks), as well as thermochemistry of stable and unstable species (thermochemical networks). An additional aim of KKRK is to develop and maintain large databases in spectroscopy, kinetic, and thermochemistry which can be used by scientists and engineers, as well. For the latest developments concerning the project and MTA-ELTE KKRK, please visit the website of the group: